This is the first surfing film from Thomas Campbell. Our favorite longboarding dvd, takes you on a journey through France, Mexico, California, Hawaii, the Canary Islands and New York. It documents a small group of California log riders like Joel Tudor, Devon Howard, Kassia Meador, Dane Peterson, Seitaro Nakamura, Josh Farberow, Jimmy Gamboa, and special guest riders Skip Frye and Donald Takayama. This surfing dvd came out in 1999 and is still unmatched in soul, slide and glide compared to any other logging film out today. It also includes some awesome bonus footage with the likes of Alex Knost, scribbles from Evan Hecox and Andy Davis, and extra surfing for those that didnt get enough from the film itself. Another masterpiece from Thomas Campbell.

FEATURING SURFING by Devon Howard, Joel Tudor, Seitaro Nakamura, Erik Sommer, Kassi Meador, Dane Peterson, Josh Farberow, Jimmy Gamboa and honorable sliders Skip Frye and Donald Takayama.