Super 16mm 16×9 76 mins

The Present is the 3rd and newest film from the acclaimed surf movie director/artist Thomas Campbell, director of “The Seedling and Sprout”. The Present is yet another look in to a wide ranging possibilities of accessing the surfing experience,with a multi cultural,diverse surf craft and wide range of surfers.

FEATURING SURFING by Dave Rastovich, Dane Reynolds, Joel Tudor, Chelsea Hedges, Kassia Meador, Harrison Roach, Dan Malloy, Devon Howard, C.J. Nelson, Ry Craike, Jacob Stuth, Sofia Mulanovich, Chris Del Moro, Michel Junod, Ian King, Danny Hess, Alex Knost, and Rob Machado among others

HONORARY SURFERS include Phil Edwards, Miki Dora, Gerry Lopez, and Tom Curren Shot primarily in 16mm film on location in West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, Sumatra, Java, and Peru.

MUSIC by David Axelrod, Bonnie Prince Billy, Mice Parade, The Mattson 2,  Cass McCombs, Plants and Animals, Vetiver, The Photographic, The Dava Kuli Band (featuring Shannon Sol R. Carroll and David Rastovich), Japanese Motors, Gabor Szabo, Ray Barbee & The Mattson 2,  Jeff Parker, and Tommy Guerrero.

EXTRA FEATURES include over an hour of bonus features.