Super 16mm 16×9/ 92 mins

The Modus Operandi of the Sprout is to show the surfing culture how truly lucky we are to live in the lush life of the ocean experience, and emphasize all the diverse possibilities we have in accessing this fountain of youth. Riding eggs, fishes, traditional style longboards and the modern shorty. Every wave is a new possibility.

FEATURING SURFING by Joel Tudor, Dan Malloy, Kassia Meador, Skip Frye, Devon Howard, Jimmy Gamboa, Ozzy Wright, Gerry Lopez, Tom Wegner, Kelly Slater, Dane Peterson, Belinda Baggs, Alex Knost, Rob Machado, Belen, CJ Nelson, Maureen Drummy, Dave Rastovich, Dane Perlee, Monica Rose, Tracey Marshall, Mike Stewart, Mark Cunningham, and Tyler Hatzikian

FEATURING MUSIC by Calexico, HIM, Hope Sandoval, Mojave 3, Money Mark, Oliver Nelson, Ray Barbee, Sam Prekop, The Shins, Superwolf, Tommy Guererro, Toroise & Sprout House Band

EXTRA FEATURES include over an hour of additional footage.